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Our company can supply spiral wire high pressure hose including four spiral wire high pressure hose, multi-spiral high pressure hose and spiral wire reinforced high pressure hose. Wire spiral high pr
Wire braid high pressure hoses consist of many types in term of the layer number. Here we will introduce two kinds of wire braid hoses, namely high pressure single wire braid hose and double wire bra
High pressure steam hose For hot water and saturated steam, high pressure air hose and water hose cannot handle, our high pressure steam hoses with steel wire braids are given the best solutions. Pro
We not only offer high pressure hydraulic hose and also supply high pressure hoses that used for air. High pressure air hoses are widely used in underwater diving, for example scuba diving. It is an
High pressure hydraulic hose is an important part of most hydraulic machinesand other equipment, which is used to transmit working fluids. High pressure hoses and other channels carry the largest com
Any plants in your garden plot are in need of constant and adequate watering. It doesn’t matter whether the plants are growing in your garden or this garden ornamental plants or flowers in the
Specialized high-pressure hose is designed not only to fully meet all the required conditions of practicality and convenience in transportation of water, but also, at the same time it to be able to w
High pressure hoses (HPH) are flexible pipes used for liquid, oil, emulsions and gas under high pressure conditions. Hoses are made of different materials and with different technologies depending on
High pressure air hoses are supplied: high pressure PVC air hose in 1/4inch to 2 inch, and high pressure rubber air hose in 1/2 to 2 inch.
High pressure power steering hose is especially suitable for oils, solvents, lubricate oils and other liquids, for it is lined by Teflon. This material is often used as inner liner for its low coeffi
Power steering pressure hose is available for air, fuel, methanol, hydraulics and lubricating oils between -55℉ to +300℉. Power steering pressure hose cover is fabricated by polyester which is highly
High pressure test pump provides extremely high working pressure up to 4000 bar with narrow range of pressure fluctuation when calibrating or testing.
Hydraulic hose HP200 designed with four spiral-wire braid is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic equipment, including in agriculture, industry, metallurgy and mining, where high working pressure and
Hydraulic hose series HP100 has oil-resistant NBR tube, anti-kick reinforcement and abrasive-proof Neoprene cover together contribute to versatile applications such as a wide application in construct
Brandnew. Original Veglia Borletti Electric Oil pressure gauge. 0-8 Bar, Red needle with low oil warning light, Black face, Box and manual included, Choice by Ferrari . Made in Italy. 09228566349
Multi Rich Home Designs Incorporated provides construction materials like marbles , granite and high pressure laminate. Make your Dream House possible.
WAGNER Hi-Pressure Washer ~5 horsepower ~Honda Engine ~Direct Drive ALL OUR EQUIPMENTS ARE ALWAYS IN TOP WORKING CONDITION for more photos please visit: WYSIWYG :) Call (02)414 0476 for Inquiries OR
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Business Name: ATM Enterprises Services Offered: Repair and Maintenance of Photo Copy Machines (powdered type), Pressure Tanks and Installation of of Portable Water Pumps Contact Person: Angelito Res