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We're world leaders in the provision of efficient, professional washroom services to businesses of all kinds. call our experts now! Tel. No.: 032 261-1649 Why Initial Hygiene? Why do so many bu
Bringing unrivaled vending solutions to the Philippines with our range of Sanitary, Hygiene and Personal Care Vending Solutions.
Home based, easily managed in your spare time franchise from Kalidad Vending Solutions. Just think of the hundreds if not thousands of locations that could benefite from Hygiene Vending in yout area.
Sanitary Napkins, Pantyliners, Initimate Wash, Tissues & Sanitizing Gels - Up to 40 % Profit on vend sales. Buy or Lease Vending machines at low prices.
We're selling hand hygiene products like sanitizer gels at very low cost! Sanitizers scents are available via request!
Glutha Power Soap for better skin appearance and for more beautiful looks for men and women. Available at very low cost!
im selling glutha scrap soap for only P50.00 each minimum of 30 pcs. great for wedding, debuts, birthday souvenirs or giveaways additional charge if with box or pouch bag
L-Glutathione Soap       (whitening and anti-wrinkle soap) Ø       Contains Vitamin C for faster effect Ø     &nbsp
It Promote skin metabolism,quick decomposing the surplus fat in the body for discharge out of the body. With its powerful quicke slimming and skin care.
We offer Lifestyle Soaps, soaps for sustainable living.Soaps that are creative, fun and all natural.We customize soaps in the shape, color, scent and budget that fits our clients.
The Soap Farm is a company that is committed to providing its clients quality products. The company also helps people earn profit by sharing the process and other tips in making premium soaps.
Glutathione has been touted in recent years in the fight against aging. Although some of these reports might be considered a bit excessive, glutathione does have properties that appear to be helpful i