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Age - 1 yr. old and 7 mos. We are looking for advertising companies for magazines, televisions and baby products endorsers.
If ur looking for a model just contact me at 09217429095/09228667608/09082154985.. here are some pic of my baby Abby!!!!!!! Abby is such a good baby girl and she knows how to project herself in front
Acute 1 year old baby girl with Chinese features.Ma. ChantalDominique "Nikki" is fair, has chinkyeyes and hastwo dimples. She also has 2 front lower teeth and one front upper tooth.She talk
Cute Baby Boy for PRINT AD and COMMERCIAL MODEL! A very cute, charming and healthyBaby Boy named Andrei aged 5 mos. for PRINT AD and COMMERCIAL MODEL! We have captured lots of cute photos these are s
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Gaby is 1 yr and 4 months old,cute, playful, with flawless skin and thick wavy black hair. Shes available and perfect for TV and print ads. You will not regret it.
Jose Mari Angelo, 11 months old, active, talentedand smart baby... Can be a print ad/ commercial model.
hi! my little princess ZAIN CATAQUEZ,turning 6 months old this coming aug 22,2014.she's cute and smiling face.im looking for manager or talent manager.please contact me 09302865814/mcataquez@gmail.com
Cute Baby Boy Model ; Infant Model for TV Hi ! My name is Justin. I was born last July 27, 2008. I want to be a COMMERCIAL OR PRINT AD MODEL. You may contact my Mama if you are interested. Our contac
Hi! It's me Kirsten Chloe C. Clavecillas 1 year old and 2 months. You can call me Coey for short. Beautiful, talented and Smart Baby.
i'm Nhiel Bryan, i want to be a commercial model. i'm looking for a manager or talent agency. Please contact my mom
Gabrielle is a 7 month old baby boy Very cute baby For screening requests, 0906-8243628 0906-8243629
baby  |  boy  |  baby model  |  model  |  talented baby boy
Looking for a baby model here's one! Gabriel Aishly Ramos, 1 year and 2 months.. Cute, smart.. Please contact us: 0919-4983024 or 0919-4982822 or 2894658 look for Susan or Irene