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Yolanda bakery shop Service offered: W e Bake Any Kinds of Bread, like Pandesal, cheese bread, Egg pie, and also Mqade to order cakes, for the information you need pls Contact yollanda Curpos mobile
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Jenny’s-Vie’s Cakes We offer different kinds of cakes For weddings , birthday , anniversary , and anykinds of celebration For more info : call Jenny at 922-0396
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Bread making Business Service: Bread making , in different courses Contact Person: Mr. Gil Fontanilla Contact Number: 287-1395 Address:Metro Manila Area
ANTZ, The Bread Factory was able to establish 2 mall based company-owned outlets in six (6) months ti me and will be opening 3 more branches this year as part of our expansion program.
Company Name: CAL 's Bakery Products/Services: Bread; Pastries; Cakes; Etc. Contact Details Contact Person: Elyn Añasco Telephone Line: 681-8747 Mailbox: elyn.anasco@yahoo.com
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BAKERY bread products For more information, please contact Teofilo Catbagan 09152831400
Man cant live with meat and bread alone. Without Special Taste. Man wont eat this food at all. MLM Foods Inc. is engaged in teh manufacture and distribution of bakery and processed meat products. joa
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Attention to all french bread lovers, We are baking french baguettes or french bread (bahn mi) that originated from Vietnam and popularized by Vietnamese refugees in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This br
A. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Faustino Lao Villo or Lolo Tinong – whose picture can be seen in LOLO TINONG’S BAKERY’S logo – is an icon in the bakeshop business. He learned the art
Gear-box for all kinds of Dough Sheeters is oil-impregnated, Dough sheeters is robust, reliable, durable and easy to use. It is recommended to use this type of machine in bakeries where pastry produc
The reasonable different speed between the bowl and beater makes the dough mixed evenenough and can draws the dough to the max. And improves the drinking capacity. Products yt-Series spiral MixersYt-
Technic Characters High efficiency, Low consumption Our Ovens adopt computer CAXA2 designing, using the numerical control punch to cut and so on making system. So that, as the same time of guarantee
Intelligent Type Intelligent program controller, the temperature of upper and down fire are intelligent control. The ovens with 16 memory programs, and can display separately automatic time alarm, it