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Name: Josh Andrei N. Pinca Birth Date: Nov. 04, 2007 Age: 1 yr/old Address: Blk 11 Lot 8 Lexber Home's Subd. Calumpit Bulacan. Hobbies: Playing Basket Ball, Acting, he always smile and eat any food h
Calling all baby milk, diapers,baby vitamins producers and advertisers, if you are looking for the right baby to promote and justify your products, your search is now over... here comes Alexa Therese.
Hi! It's me Kirsten Chloe C. Clavecillas 1 year old and 2 months. You can call me Coey for short. Beautiful, talented and Smart Baby.
i'm zacchary james!4 months old baby.. fair skinned, always smiling, really loves to giggle..perfect baby for diaper, milk and baby soap commercials.. fond of watching cartoons and loves to respond w
She is an October 2007 baby and currently is 21 months. If you think she is adorable and suitable for your campaign pls leave ur message or if can call me ;)
hi this is summer, she is 1yr old with short curly hair and flawless skin with a caucasian blood line.cute and smart little girl who knows many things... smiles a lot and an easy learner... she can be
if you are looking for a baby model please contact me at 09184228653 / 09282726197 or at telephone number 9360329. elwyn reth m. martin was born last march 28, 2009. he is now 1 month and a half. he
Hi everyone! If you are looking for a baby model that can be included in your print or Tvadvertisements, this is the right moment for you. This baby is very cute, not camera shy and very sweet. If in
my baby calix...isnt he amazing!!! -for interested agentspls feel free to make a call anytime-
Ideal Gift for Baby Shower, Baptismal and Birthdays. It is made of diapers and layered as cake and decorated with baby accessories for receiving balnkets, baby dress, shoes, toys and feeding bottles.
Gianna Margaret Cruz is a smart, pretty and happy baby. She likes to play with other babies. And smiles alot. She knows when she is taken pictures. She is 7 months old. She can already crawl at her e
5month old turning6 onjan 3. cute and always smiling. fit to be a baby product model, in prints or on tv For audition requests: 913-9221 438-8861 Look for Eloisa
hi! my little princess ZAIN CATAQUEZ,turning 6 months old this coming aug 22,2014.she's cute and smiling face.im looking for manager or talent manager.please contact me 09302865814/mcataquez@gmail.com