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The Daciano Agricultural Training Center teaches the necessary skills required to students who are dedicated to agriculture
SOS Vision & Mission A place for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children or children in extreme difficult circumstances to belong to a home and family; where competent and responsible SOS Moth
SOS  |  Children's  |  Village  |  Philippines  |  a
HIMEX was institutionalized to answer the need of the community for quality-assured innovations and technological expertise in the field of medical instrumentation. In response to these needs, Himex
HIMEX CORPORATION was formed in 1990 through a long and well-thought planning of six (6) brilliant minds headed by a Japanese engineering graduate of Wasada University, Mr. Teruhiro Ohno. Raised in a
Bread Making , Juice Making and Pasta Making Enroll Now! Devoting to you most of the time with the one on one basis vocational cources in food making. Offers courses on Bread Making 2 Days - Basic Br
Bread making Business Service: Bread making , in different courses Contact Person: Mr. Gil Fontanilla Contact Number: 287-1395 Address:Metro Manila Area
Sales Training manager Requirements: Candidate must hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Marketing, Commerce, Mass Communications or equivalent. Has 2 year(s) supervisory or managerial ex
SERVICES OFFERED - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - K-9 Intro into Substances Explosives Narcotis Personal Protection Crowd Dispersal Handlers Training Instructors Training Evaluators Course
Dog Training: Basic and Advance Obedience Training course, CDX Training (companion dog excellence off leash),
Wellness training for Certifications, DOH Licensure and Consultancy services with the following highlights: 1. emphasis on the medical aspect and practice of "alternative medicine", 2. trai