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The gibLink Revenue Sharing Program is totally unique and the most advanced plan of its kind. This commitment results in the sharing of a full 70% of all revenue with our members. It actually rewards
What Is ZenZuu? ZenZuu is an online social and business network that is completely free to join. ZenZuu allows its members, who are comprised of individuals, charities, churches, and businesses the o
ZenZuu Zenzuu is a new platform to raise funds for Charities, Non-Profits and Faith Base Organizations What Is ZenZuu? ZenZuu is an online social and business network that is completely free to join.
Make Friends Connect with a Live Global Community. Zenzuu gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with a massive global community anytime, anywhere. Unlike other social networks, we allow you to m
Where's The Money? Lets See How This All Works You've heard of the two major Social Network Sites MySpace and Facebook. I would bet you or someone you know, has an account with at least one if not bo
For nine decades, Marubeni has considered the Filipino people its partners in success. The company is committed to continue making significant contributions not only to the economy but also to the l
Condo-Share™ @ Olympic Heights Condo Eastwood City "Luxurious Yet Affordable Condominium Living!” For more info, visit: http://eastwood.city.condo.googlepages.com ABOUT US Condo-Shar
Service: Internet connection Contact Person: Jheck Contact Number: (02) 3619720 Address: Manila
WANTED: STUD SERVICE FOR BOXER - PUPPY SHARING We have a 2 year-old female boxer who's scheduled to go on her 3rd heat on the 2nd week of December 2008. And we're looking for a male boxer (preferably
i'm looking for a female poodle to match with my dog as seen in the picture. i will not charge any stud service... puppy sharing na lang. you can call/text me at 09208253962 . thanks.
I have a two-storey two-bedroom apartment and I want to share it. For ladies only please. Amenities Includes: Built-in cabinets, Single bed, Fan, Dresser, Side Table and Chair Plus use of kitchen and
At the age of nine, I lost my mother and was raped by my father. At the age of nine, I knew that my older sister was also raped by my father and another sister was raped by my uncle. At the age of ni
UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION ROBICHEM LABORATORIES UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION Despite the difficult conditions that prevailed during the year, Universal Robina Corporation (URC) further increased i