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We sell different kinds of polymer clay creations great as accessories/jewelries to add up some spice to your cute get-ups or give-away/souvenirs for birthdays, parties and events.
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CONTACT PERSON : Em Mariano CONTACT NUMBER:0917-342-5000 FUN SIDELINE BUSINESS this CHRISTMAS! Learn PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES in beading and start your low cost business this
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How about giving your bridesmaids these unique polymer clay art jewelry? These are handcrafted by writer/artist Puchette Escaño to make your wedding a truly memorable occasion for you and for
Writer/artist Puchette Escaño offers these one-of-a-kind bas relief vanity boxes made of polymer clay which you can give to your principal sponsors or and other members of your entourage. vani
Showa Polymer Process Corporation Industrial rubber products such as hatch sponge padking, sphere-type flexible joints, condenser packing and CD mounts.
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Are you looking for Giveaways? You must try Paper Clay Art!!! Paper Clay Art is a safe is non - toxic Art technique and medium which makes use of moist and vibrant colors of paper clay that can make
Service: Laundry Dry Cleaning P19/kilo Contact Person: Kenjie Turabella Contact Number: 381-5733 Address: 10 Libertad Mandaluyong City