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PICK & MIX CANDY MIX (Candy Store) Welcome to the Exciting, Tempting, and Colorful World of Sweets! "Express that 'sweetness in you' through the wide array of gift items inPick & Mix Onl
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Kids and adults will surely enjoy something sweet in tooth. We have setup affordable candy corner that caters Metro Manila, Pasig, Makati, Quezon City.
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Best TiWi Food Products, one of the largest and fastest growing nutcracker manufacturing in the Philippines, offers different varieties of crunchy nut cracker, yummy gummy candies in different shapes
Satisfy your hunger..... Impress them with a stupendous assortment of the fun and favorite snacks they love to eat! This basket arrives jam-packed full of candies and cookies including M&Ms, Crac
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The Original Caramel Apple "The San Francisco experience rolled into one sweet and gooey ball of pure happiness!!!" All the sweet desserts one can find while walking through chilly Pier 39
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