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David's Music Circle * offers you private tutorial lessons in piano and organ... from note reading and music theories to basic accompaniment know-how using the study of chord progressions... learn th
VOICE & PIANO Tutorial Lessons Please contact May Fami @ 8959934/09223130659
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Service: Piano Lesson Contact Person: Teresa Bitonio Contact Numbers: 0928-7997906 Address: Montalban, Rizal
Service: Piano Lesson Contact Person: Teresa Bitonio Contact Numbers: 0928-7997906 Address: Montalban, Rizal
Be Artistic, Learn to play the PIANO Services Offered: Fundamental Lessons on Piano Playing Address: Sierra Vista Village, Binangonan, Rizal Contact Number: 09109814278 Contact Person: Sharon Dawn To
I have been teaching music lessons both privately in my home and in the public school system for many years. I have decided to open my studio to teach over the internet. You can take easy piano lesso
Learn to play the notes! Services: Piano Lessons Contact Person: Baves Arada Contact Number: 09208959496 Address: Las Piñas, Metro Manila, NCR
Veteran piano instructor Service: Piano and Flute lessons Contact Person: Jean Vigor Contact Number: 713-8622 Address: Manila
Piano and Flute lessons with reasonable price that fits your budget! Have a sophisticated leisure.. Learn to play the piano and you'll learn the beauty of music... Jean Vigor Veteran piano instructor
Play piano for fun If you want to learn to play piano and develop your music skills send me a post If you're interested do give me a call or mail me at delmongsy@yahoo.com.sg Q
PIANO Home Tutorial-(Call 726-9892)-The "Original Home Piano Lesson",Piano Lesson (Call 700-8344)-To improve Kids' Performance in Math / School
im from bacolod and im like 20 years old...i always want to learn to play the piano...im not getting younger so i think its about time for me to do this...if you know any music school in bacolod plea
home service tutorial within Las Piñas area for beginners= P350/session (1hr/session) for adult courses= P400/session (1hr/session) my place tutorial for beginners= P250/session (1hr/session)