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Lectures offered by Dynamic Driving Institute: Fundamental Principles of Driving Motor Vehicles and its devices Safe Driving Technique Causes and Prevention of Accident Defensive Driving Traffic Rule
Free Lecture on Defensive Driving and Traffic Rules when you are enrolled at Dynamic Driving Institute . All lessons there are individualized, one car per student! Grab it NOW!
EAZY DRIVE enroll and drive now! know hi-tech driving from experts learn driving the easy way with confidence and comfort call us now! Rosalita Roldan 238-5484/582-8075
Safe Way Driving School Offers professional driving class at a very affordable prices. Dial the number:6407015/8964253 for more infos.
Socialites Excellent Driving School is offering Home Service. We can pick you up from your office or Home and we will bring you back again. *** Tuition Fees are according to locations Contact Us at 8
Here in Socialites Excellent Driving we allow you to decide for your own schedule. Our Training Vehicles For Manual Toyota Altis Vios Revo Mitsubishi Lancer Honda type Z V-TEZ CRV CVIC For Automatic
Socialites Excellent Driving Luxury Brand New Manual Cars with Aircon 5days Php 2, 500 1 hr/day 7days Php 3, 500 1 hr/day 10days Php 5, 000 1 hr/day 15days Php 7, 500 1 hr/day Luxury Brand NewAutomat
Affordable driving lessons! Learn the basics of driving the proper way! Learn the different techniques in easy parking!
MANUAL TRAINING COURSES EXECUTIVE TUTORSHIP COURSES 15 days 1 hour a day -------------------------------P6, 800.00 PRIVATE FULL TUTORSHIP COURSE 10 days 1 hour a day ------------------------------- P
Accredited Driving School by L.T.O No. '81-006 If you desire to learn how to drive with skill, safety, courtesy and professionally, we are the anwer to your wishes! The Dynamic Driving Institute is e
Tyrones Actual Driving School Driving Lessons Instructional Driving Lessons Tel. No. 417-4282/453-5001 Email us at: tyronesdrivingschool@yahoo.com
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CNR driving shool Contact person: Ceasar San mateo Contact number: 7898798 For information or Visit our school ..
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