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handmade Volcanic Ash Soap volcanic ash soap for callus, fissures and hard skins **Specially formulated with Virgin Coconut Oil, Herbal Essential Oils, Apis cerana beeswax and pumice from volcanic as
Gyms  |  Fitness  |  Health
Jodome Kojic Soap with Placenta Extract & Papaya Enzyme is a powerful anti-oxidant with pure natural whitening agents, this triple action skin whitening soap ensures a clear, smooth even toned co
Glutathione Soap Health 1st Glutathione Soap For healthy, radiant, glowing skin. With Grapeseed to keep you look younger and Rosehip that works on fine lines and wrinkles resulting in smoother skin.
Gyms  |  Fitness  |  Health
My Own Retinoic Facial Soap is a glycerine soap with Vitamin A acid derivative (RETINOL) that helps to dry pimples and prevents blackheads and freckles from occurring. It is very useful in pimple and
Retinoic  |  Soap  |  Pimple
Glutathione Soap used as derma soap for whitening skin, reducing acnes and pimples, to reduce tiredness and enhance youthful skin. AVAILABLE FOR ONLY Php 100.00 only. purchase of 12 qty = php 90.00 a
glutathione  |  soap  |  health  |  skin  |  whitening
What do u get? *A very good antioxidant that helps to moisturise our skin and give smooth feeling... *safe for the skin( with vit. E & minerals ) *antiaging or removes wrinkles and blemishes. *wh
skin  |  whitening  |  derma  |  cosmetics  |  beauty
Skin Whitening Soap: Our Product: Kojic Acid Whitening Soap * Glutathione w/ 2. Oatmeal with Milk & Honey 3. Orange -Papaya Soap 4. Black Bleaching 5. Coconut Milk & VCO Soap 6. Fruit Acid So
Bleaching Soap Chemical treatment to brighten, whiten, purify, refine, and balance pulp fiber. The fading of a color toward white generally caused by exposure to chemicals or ultraviolet radiation. W
Soap  |  Bleaching  |  Soap  |  Whitening  |  Facial
Everyone is invited to our soap making seminar, if you have the courage and interest to learn how to make detergent powder, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, car shampoo and a lot more, pls call u
soap  |  soap  |  making  |  laudry  |  detergent
SOAP AND DETERGENT ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of long chain carboxylic acids (fatty acids) whereas detergents are salts of long chain sulphates or sulphonates.
Garden Fresh Discover the health benefits of Naturally handcrafted herbal soaps with aromatic blends of herbal and organic products. Each product contains with the finest ingredients nature has to of
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Whitening Soaps: Kojic Soaps, Placenta, Papaya w/ Vitamin E, Goats Milk soaps, Bleaching/Black soap, Glycolic, Calamansi, Oatmeal soap w/ honey, Collagen soap...Facial Creams, Shampoo & Condition
perfumes (signature inspired and new scents available) 1liter=P700 500ml=P400 BODY Body Scrub Regular Scent - P600/Kilo Special Scent - P700/Kilo Body Lotion Regular Scent - P600/Kilo Special Scent -
CLEANING PRODUCTS Dishwashing liquid =P500/carboy(5 gallons) scents: calamansi,lemon,strawberry Fabric conditioner =P500/carboy(5 gallons) scents: downy scent; comfort scent Powder detergent =P750/sa