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Celebrate your special event in a place where you can enjoy your favorite food and drinks. Celebrate it at ... BeanPerk Coffee Shop Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches, Cakes, accept reservations Contact Inform
BeanPerk Coffee Shop Tel: 533-6712 . 373 Boni Ave. , Mandaluyong City Enjoy coffee and other succulent dishes at this all in one coffee shop. Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches, Cakes, accept reservations
Coffee shops are now the place to hang out for the whole family and there is a booming demand for more espresso dispensers. A well run and located Coffee shop may be the ideal venture.
Im looking a space forcoffee shop 50 sqm below or kioks/cart spacepls email me at ann_ann_ann5@yahoo.com coffee shop business, coffee shop space, commercial space
I need commercial coffee shop for rent within Cebu. 50square meters to 100 square meters at the location for good markets propects. Please let me know. I need it ASAP.
I need a property for rent with the following criteria: - Floor area is 50SQM to 70SQM - The space will be used for a coffee shop - The start of contract will be January2008 and we can pay the deposi
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Coffee and Pastas' at The Coffee Beanery Enjoy coffee at its finest. Enjoy it at The Coffee Beanery. Product: Coffee, Pasta, Rice Meals Contact Person: Marifi Serafin Contact Number: 426-4841 Address
TCE Answers Frequently Asked Questions Q: What type of Franchise is available? A: The Coffee Experience offers INDIVIDUAL franchises for the development and operations of a TCE espresso bar. Q: What