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After it was founded in 1965, St. Gregory Academy has been striving to provide quality education to its students. Over the four decades of the school existence, students are not only being taught with academics and leadership but with spiritual knowledge as well.


Saint Gregory Academy
Address: Indang, Cavite
Contact Nos.: +63 46 4150550 / +63 46 4150550 / +63 927 6882720
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New and Old Students
a. Present report card
b. Fill up registration form

Irregular Students
All irregular students must secure a special schedule of classes from the Registrar's Office the second week of the opening of the classes.

Non-Catholic Students
Non-Catholic Students are not deprived of the right to enroll at the Saint Gregory Academy provided that they will abide by the policies and standards set by the school.

Rules for Registration
- When a pupil/student registers at Saint Gregory Academy, it is understood that he is enrolling for the entire school year.
- Aside from the specified registration period, a pupil/student may enroll and be admitted in accordance with the reasonable rules of the school for late enrollment but which in no case shall exceed two weeks after the opening of classes.
- After the two-week period, no-further enrollment will be allowed, without prejudice however to subsequent transfer by an enrolled student from one school to another during the school year, provided the consent of both schools is obtained as general rule. Inter-school transfer after the enrollment period are discouraged especially in the case of students who are expected to graduate at the elementary or secondary level of education.
- No pupil/student shall be officially enrolled unless he presents the proper school credentials on or before the end of the enrollment period for the school year.
- A pupil/student is deemed officially enrolled after he has submitted his appropriate admission or transfer credentials; has made initial payment of his school fees which has been accepted by the school and has been authorized to attend classes in the school.
- No foreign pupil/student shall be enrolled without the prior approval of the Secretary of education or his authorized representative.
- For purposes of enrollment, the name and other personal data or circumstances of each pupil or student as indicated in his birth/baptismal certificate of registration where aplicable, shall prevail. Dropping Procedures

Contact Information
Indang, Cavite
Indang, Cavite
Indang, Cavite