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Bridal Gowns and Wedding Entourage

         Started by Mrs. Divine Cura in 1972, Bridal Artisans has been in the business
 for 30 years now where Aling Divine's (as she is fondly known to her suki)specialty lies
 in wedding gowns where she specializes in the art of beadwork and
drapery and serves as the Maestro (Master Cutter) for all her clients. Most of her
clients are from the US, Australia and Canada. She is the preferred Master Cutter of fashion icons such as Ben Ferrales and Manny Punzalan in the 80's and
worked for big establishments that makes gowns for the overseas market. She
also worked for big retail stores such as Linea Italia as their in-house custorera.
         Known by word of mouth only, and, up until now depended on just referrals from clients and friends, we decided to formalize everything serving the Philippine's bustling bridal market. Bridal Artisans is fast becoming the household name for quality,
affordable, and fashionable wedding service provider.