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I am easy to laugh at the camera and comfortable with many people, absolutely friendly!
baby  |  model  |  commercial  |  product  |  kid
Kids Modeling,Commercial Model or Prin ads,photo shot in studio or anywhere...
Kids Modeling,Commercial Model or Prin ads,photo shot in studio or anywhere...
if your'e looking for pretty, smart and jolly baby for commercial and print ads my baby is the one your'e looking for.. She is McKyla Andrea Baluyut born September 01, 2013, 1 year of age.
hi! my little princess ZAIN CATAQUEZ,turning 6 months old this coming aug 22,2014.she's cute and smiling face.im looking for manager or talent manager.please contact me 09302865814/mcataquez@gmail.com
Cute baby for tv commercials
tv ads  |  baby model  |  commercials  |  cute  |  pretty
Hello all! This is my chinita baby girl, Shontelle Kate (born October 18, 2013). If you think there is an oppurtunity for my daughter to be a baby product endorser, call me at 09174670996. Cheers!
model  |  baby  |  chinita  |  happy baby  |  print ad
open for photoshoots, tv commercials, print ads, fashionshows/runway, ushering/events visit my online modeling portfolio: chella17.multiply.com email: richellamarierabajante@yahoo.com contact person:
Hi there! This is our 9 mos. old baby,jedidiah. He's very active and responses well when he hears music. He loves to eat,a lot! And as you can see,he always smiles. If he fits your taste,pls be free
Hi, this is my son Baby Adrian (born on Oct. 3, 2008). If you think there’s an opportunity for my son to be a model, kindly contact me at 09209196360, 09209143659 or 7148105.
If your looking for a MODEL , for fashion shows, commercials, print ads and if you're managing a talent agency,CJ can be your biggest dicovery! for further datails please contact: Joyce 09275988645
my baby calix...isnt he amazing!!! -for interested agentspls feel free to make a call anytime-
tHIS iS mE.. IF I AM THE MODEL YOU ARE LOOKING FOR... yOu caN CoNtaCt Me THrOugh E-mail: ahyeehssh@yahoo.com or call me @ 09152913972... thanks! GOD BLESS!
Good Day! I'm baby girl "ASHLEY AISAKA "... I would like to be a commercial or print ad model.. If your interested just contact my mom @ 09084576926 thanks a lot.....
7 month old baby boy, white complexion chubby baby with cute and bright eyes...a bubbly baby....
Hi! It's me Kirsten Chloe C. Clavecillas 1 year old and 2 months. You can call me Coey for short. Beautiful, talented and Smart Baby.
a 5 months baby model,good looking baby, and super bibo! with cute eyes and super lagong hair. very lively and active baby. about 6 kl ij weight. he is a 5 months old baby.