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PLDT Landline Plus goes prepaid: Turn any GSM phone into a portable “landline"

PLDT will launch this weekend prepaid plans for its Landline Plus service. The service, previously available only on monthly postpaid plans, gives consumers “fixed-wireless telephone lines.”
Calls to these wireless handsets, within a provincial area, are considered local connections and aren’t charged by the minute. The Landline Plus user is only charged by the minute for outgoing calls, not incoming ones. These handsets can also send and receive SMS messages.

But the availability of prepaid plans is just an undercard (in boxing parlance) to what will be launched through TV ads during Manny Pacquiao’s fight this Sunday: Landline Plus is going GSM SIM-based.

It can now be used with any GSM mobile handset. 

Contact me ASAP if you want to avail of the PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM Cards. I have limited stock (w/ 02 area code) @ P 100/SIM card & you need to load P 300 for full activation (= P 400 initial Cash-out) + minimum P50 delivery charge! Preferable meet-ups within Las Piñas area and nearby places.

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With the prepaid plan, not only are you free from being locked into the service for a year, you also no longer need to pay for the handset or activation fee. You also no longer need to submit applications and other required documents. You just buy the P100 SIM and insert it into a GSM handset that’s open line or locked to Smart and Talk and Text and you have a portable “landline.”

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