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I want to apply for the position of a male vocalist for any band that works anywhere in the Metro. I am Yanieh, 21 years old. If you offer a part-time job, I think it can work for me. I am a full-time employee of a particular company working from 3pm to 12am weekdays. I have my entire weekend for gigs. I think I’m on the right age now to showcase my hidden talent. I'm not a kid anymore! Hehe. I have the soul of a true singer with a pleasing personality. Nakz! LOL. I can do pop, RnB, alternative, ballad, name it. Hehe. I hope you can help me out and give me a chance. Thankz! :)

Feel free to see my profile through this link:

Please text me at this number --- 0908-419-2124. I’m excited to hear from you guys.