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Hybrid Yaw-Yan is an all-out martial art that uses the body as weapon. It combines striking, grappling, and wrestling techniques. The Hybrid Yaw-Yan Mixed Martial Arts Training Center is the first Mixed Martial Arts gym accredited by the Philippine's Games and Amusements Board.

To keep up with the changing world of martial arts, a modern, holistic style based on the traditional Yaw-Yan (contraction of Sayaw ng Kamatayan, Dance of Death) of the 1970s was developed by Sir Henry Kobayashi. This is what is now known in the martial arts community as Hybrid Yaw-Yan, representing a step up of what is dubbed "the Philippines' Deadliest Martial Art". Practitioners do not memorize moves or kata and are instead taught actual fighting skills often in trainings that mimic real life situations. In place of blocking, non-resistant techniques are employed to subdue even much bigger and stronger attackers. Hybrid Yaw-Yan's ground fighting techniques come from our very own Dumog (Filipino Grappling) and Buno (Filipino Wrestling). There's also the Arnis(Stick Fighting)-inspired Bolo Punches and multi-directional kicks.

Hybrid Yaw-Yan is as effective in the ring as it is on the streets as evidenced by the many champions it has produced over the years—champions who facilitate learning for every student of the art who comes through our doors. Here trainees get the benefit of more than learning self-defense; they build confidence, discipline, self-control and over-all a winning attitude.

Hybrid Yaw-Yan is proudly Filipino. 

Welcome to the site and to the art if you will indulge.


For inquiries please contact Sir Henry Kobayashi
mobile +639266141006 (Globe), +639182746083 (Smart), +639238606399 (Sun Cellular)
landline (02) 2132405 and (02) 5570057
or visit the Hybrid Yaw-Yan Mixed Martial Arts Training Center at
5/F Karen Bldg. 9 Annapolis St. Corner Montreal St. Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
(near McDonald's Aurora Boulevard, Cubao)



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