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TRINITY COLLEGE OF QUEZON CITY is the first full-fledged college instituted through the concordat of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and the Iglesia Filipina Independiente. It is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit, and church-related institution of learning founded in 1963.

TRINITY COLLEGE OF QUEZON CITY is an educational institution launched by 160 shares of Procter and Gamble stock. In 1922, Mrs. Mortimer Matthews presented to the Rt. Rev. Gouverneur Mosher, then Bishop of the Philippines , 60 shares of Procter and Gamble stock, while Bishop Matthews added 100 shares the following year. The total shares of 160 valued then at $25,000 went to a trust fund to be spent in any way the Bishop of the Philippines considered most helpful to the work of the Church. It all started when Paul Matthews, who became Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey, USA in 1951, married Elsie Procter whose grandfather founded Procter and Gamble Company. Both the Matthews and the Gamble families were greatly interested in the missionary work of the Episcopal Church. In 1961, the stock had increased to 867 shares valued at $491,361.82. The Rt. Rev. Lyman C. Ogilby, then Bishop of the Philippine Episcopal Church, felt the funds would be best spent to set up a Christian college of high standards. It was then used to purchase the former Capitol City College from the P.E. Domingo family in 1963.

Trinity College of Quezon City was named after Trinity College of Hartford, Connecticut, USA whose president then was Bishop Ogilby's father. Dr. Arthur L. Carson was its first president. Dr. Arturo M. Guerrero, who succeeded him in 1967, served for 16 years until his death in 1983. Executive vice-president Ester A. Santos was appointed officer-in-charge until the third president, Dr. Rafael B. Rodriguez assumed office in 1984. Col. Rizalino Cabanban was officer-in-charge from 1996 to 1997. Dr. Orlando B. Molina became the fourth president and served from 1998 to 2001. Presently at the helm of the College is the first lady president, Dr. Josefina S. Sumaya who was installed as the fifth president in 2002.