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About Us

Oriental and Motolite Corporation (OMC) is the largest manufacturer, exporter and distributor of automotive, industrial, valve-regulated, and motorcycle battery products in the Philippines. OMC is the industry leader in productivity, capacity and technology.

The Making of a Legend
The Motolite story began when Casto C. Unson started importing and selling batteries in the Philippines. This lead to the establishment of C.C. Unson Company, Inc. with two Filipino partners.

The company started importing batteries from States Battery Parts of Seattle, Washington. After sometime, the partners decided to assemble the batteries themselves due to the growing demand for their product.

In May 1950, the first Motolite battery rolled out of the assembly plant. Public acceptance and success followed soon after.

In 1997, C.C. Unson Corporation MERGED WITH Ramcar, Inc., a company founded by Ramon Caro in 1917. Ramcar, Inc. is the manufacturer of Oriental Battery, Motolite's main competitor in the domestic market. The union produced Oriental and Motolite Corporation (OMC).

Oriental and Motolite Corporation remains to be the country's leading battery manufacturer. The company is ready to face the challenges of a dynamic market and prove to the world that a Filipino product can stand proud against global competitors.

Over the decades, Motolite remains to be the strong market leader with the best technology in the automotive battery industry. It has continuously satisfied the Filipino motorist with its superior quality and unparalleled performance. Thus, Motolite remains to be the undisputed motorists' choice.

What makes Motolite number one?
Oriental and Motolite Corporation (OMC), the makers of Motolite, is the biggest investor in manufacturing facilities in the entire ASEAN region. The most advanced equipment give Motolite the edge over its competitors. Packed with the most modern features, Motolite is the leader in technology.

One of the greatest achievements of Motolite is its ability to stay on top even with the advent of trade liberalization and the consequent influx of imports. As the Philippines opens up to the world market, Motolite shall continue to dominate through its strong brand equity and widest distribution network.

Motolite's equity is NO.1 in the minds of consumers. With the right combination of superior quality, best price, and marketing strategies, Motolite consistently exceeds the expectations of a demanding market

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