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Posted by Dra. Margarita Holmes, Psychologist
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Dr. Margarita Holmes Prominent Psychologist Because I travel so much, I see clients only under very special circumstances. I am much more comfortable accepting speaking engagements, TV appearances and writing assignments.What distinguishes my work is that I am an engaging, funny and compelling speaker who, notwithstanding a formidable background in the sciences, loves being questioned and disagreed with.I think fast on my feet, forget the camera and speak from the heart which makes far better TV than prepared lines and studied moves.I am also a pretty good writer (17 bestselling books and counting!).The best way to contact me is through my website,  You can also  inquire about appointments by emailing me below. But please bear in mind that I will not be able to answer your personal questions  via email  because of the sheer volume of messages I get.

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