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Contact No. 632-0920-926-8436 or/632-8982262
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 Pleasantries was conceived in 1997 by Roberta Araneta. The studio is on its 10th year and has now
debuted into a personalized workshop for floral deliveries, floral events, landscape designs and
flower arrangement workshops and seminars.

Our master florist, Roberta Araneta, completed her floral events design course at the Parsons School of
New York and is a certificate candidate at the New York Botanical Garden.

Roberta's resume boasts of actual work experience at Michael George's HYBRID Floral Boutique,
New York, and at the Berdorf Goodman Flower House and the Takashimaya Floral Boutique
both on 5th Ave., New York, among several others.


 The Pleasantries Studio Workshop is located at:
420 Adalla Palm Village, Makati (Off Estrella Blvd. - Near the Rockwell PowerPlant)
For enquiries and orders, please may contact us:
by email at:
by mobile phone at: 632-0920-926-8436 or 632-0917-329-6526
by telephone at: 632-8982262
by telfax at: 632-8997447