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Maritime Educators and Trainers

Our commitment to shipping extends to fundamental maritime education. The Baliwag Maritime Academy (BMA) was established in 1994. It is a government-accredited maritime college offering 4-year courses in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering. The establishment of BMA is a concrete manifestation of our commitment to the professionalization and development of maritime education in the country.
  • BMA is ISO-certified under AJA Registrars.

  • BMA serves as a secure and long-term source of deck officers and engineers for the manning operations of the Baliwag Shipping Group.

  • BMA graduates have consistently performed well in the government licensure examinations. In marine engineering, BMA achieved 100% passing rate in 2001 and 2002. Likewise, the passing rate for BS Marine Transportation graduates from BMA was 80% in 2001 and 77% in 2002, both higher compared to most maritime schools.


The Academy shall be a leading producer of highly competent seafarers who excel in the practice of the seafaring profession and who will become the maritime leaders in both the government and business sectors.

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