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PNTC Colleges (Manila Office)
Address: 5th Floor, Intramuros Corporate Plaza
Intramuros, Manila
Contact: Karen Oraye

Company description:


PNTC aims to be at the forefront of uplifting the quality of education and training in the Philippines by responding to the educational needs of the community, in particular, and the country, in general, and providing world-class facilities to ensure success in the pursuit of the individual’s quest for personal achievement and professional excellence.


PNTC focuses initially on maritime related courses and programs as it aims to prepare students for life-long terminal learning and leadership in global environment while striving to promote his/her employability and general welfare by:

- Fostering professional competence and proficiency thru socially responsive and viable courses and programs.
- Encouraging self discipline and
- Developing leadership potential through methodologies, techniques and facilities in line with global technological developments.