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About Us

Holy Child School of Davao

Once it was a dream, a prayer for one person, of a family who responded to the call of God.

The call was to establish a school founded in His love that looks upon every child as a holy offering to Him. The Holy Child School of Davao (formerly Holy Child Day Care and Learning Center) was founded by Mrs. Victoria D. Leuterio in 1981. With humble beginnings, it started from a garage of two classrooms as a preparatory school. in 1982, the school moved to its present site along Jacinto Street.

With the prodding and encouragement of the pre-school parents at that time, Mrs. Leuterio, the school founder and directress extended the school's offering to the primary course.
With the increase in enrolment each year, the school offered a complete Elementary Course. Thus, the Pre-School and Elementary courses were given recognition by the government in 1986. The school then opened its portals to high school students and in 1993 the High School Department was recognized by the government.

Indeed, the Divine Father honored the labor of His children, and the school bore fruits abundantly. Responding to the call of service, the school opened its doors to the members of our community who cannot go to school on a regular basis. Hence, the Sunday School Department provided opportunities to those working students to earn a high school diploma.

The academe now boasts of two branches namely, The Holy Child School of Davao Green Meadows and Buhangin Campuses. The Green Meadows Campus offers a complete Pre-School, Elementary and High School Curricula, with two government recognitions, given on 2003 for the Pre-School and Elementary levels and in 2002 for the High School level. It has also opened its Sunday High School Program in 2003. The Buhangin Campus offers Pre-School and Elementary curricula.

The workers in His Vineyard continuously reap returns of blessings. The fruits served their purpose, that of multiplying goodness in the land. The HCSD continues to flourish as a leading academy, not only in providing training to our youth in the aspects of basic education but also in harnessing local talents in the field of sports and in global competitiveness in the Information Technology market. Thu, HC3E rose as a pillar in Information Technology education. It offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Information Management and Computer Science. The College Department also offers two-year courses in Diploma in Information Technology and Office Skills Management with Desktop Publishing and other short courses.

In the year 2004, the school continues to rise as a leading institution as it opens the College of Nursing, College of Commerce and the College of Education.

At present, the Holy Child School of Davao continues to expand its services to the community. With its foundation strongly anchored in good soil of righteousness and faith in the Almighty, this institution will