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 Greetings! We would like to introduce to you our company Cosmotech Philippines, Inc., an advance Office Automation Company building solutions for audio- visuals and telecommunications needs of companies in the Philippines. Through our product line expansion, Cosmotech saw a great potential in the Philippines in the field of distributing Payroll Software to companies.   

         Integra Payroll Master           is a powerful Payroll system designed to fit any type of businesses. It is what a payroll should be. It will help you process and maintain all payroll related reports. Submission of monthly, quarterly and year- end government mandated contribution is now just a matter of mouse click. This new product comes with various flexible features that will fit your operation such as:

 System Features:·          Well organized submenus for better transaction and report location·          Networkable and Multi- user ready·          Password protected with 3 levels of confidentiality·          Step by step setup wizard for initial system configuration·          More than 60 reports powered by latest version of Crystal Report·          Scheduled database back- up system·         Maintains 201 File and general information sheet Payroll Features: ·          Unlimited Employees·          Handles Monthly, daily and piece rate·          3 levels of confidentiality (rank and file, supervisory, managerial)·          Scheduled recurring entries per employee·          Process 13th month pay, tax adjustment upon resignation instantly·          User maintainable overtime approval feature·          Employee leave file table ·          Loan file maintenance, automatic deduction with loan status monitoring·          Voucher preparation for cash and bank payroll·          Denomination breakdown for cash payroll Timekeeping Features: ·          Built- in bundy clock with employees photo validation·          Flexi- time employees·          User maintainable schedule/ shifting table·          Holiday, tardiness/ under time and overtime conversion·          Import log file from other attendance capturing machine (i.e. Biometrics, barcode and ID reader)·          Attendance Summary ( Daily/ Monthly)·          Daily absences/ tardiness·          Incomplete Time in/ Out·          Employee leave file table·          Timesheet reference list User Customizable:·          General Info Sheet·          Employment contract·          Certificate of employment·          Certificate of SSS contribution·          Certificate of Pag- ibig/ HDMF Contribution·          Certificate of Philhealth Contribution·          Release and quit claim·          Payroll register summary·          Payslip Built- in Reports Powered by Crystal Reports  Payroll Reports:·          Payroll Register·          Overtime Approval·          Payroll Account Summary·          Payslip Printing·          Piece- rate output·          Cash/ Bank Payroll·          Denomination breakdown·          Monthly Contributions ( SSS, Philhealth, Pag- ibig, HDMF)·          Monthly Summary of withholding tax·          13th Month Pay·          Monthly Payroll Summary·          Quarterly Payroll Summary·          YTD Contribution Summary·          YTD Payroll Summary Government Reports:·          Alpha List ( no previous Employer)·          Alpha List (terminated before year- end)·          Alpha List (with previous employer)·          BIR Form 2316·          Pag- ibig (M1-1)·          Philhealth RF1·          SSS Loan·          SSS R1A·          SSS R3·          R3 Diskette·          BIR 1601-C Other Reports:·          Employee List·          Loan File Summary·          SL/ VL Summary Additional Features:·          Project Allocation·          Manage Flexible Work Schedule·          BIR Alpha List Diskette and Reports·          Post or Pre- approval of Overtime·          Process bonus anytime of the year·          Improved Security and Audit Trail Features·          Time and Attendance Policy·          Conversion of un-used sick and vacation leaves into cash·          User definable schedule of Government Mandated Deductions( PAG-IBIG contribution and loan payments) To Do List:·          Birthday Celebrant·          Finished Contract Terms and Conditions:·          FREE: One (1) time training for one whole day in Cosmotech Phils. Inc. office  for two persons with free food accommodation.·          Licensed will be issued after receipt of payment·          For Check payment, License will be issued after the clearing of check.·          Free Government compliance update·          One time investment·          No monthly or annual fee·          Free lifetime technical E-mail support 

PROMO PRICE: P20, 000.

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