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We offer also : Janitorial & Staffing Services.

Company Profile :

The Company, as a service enterprise, is hope to be reflected as a serious going concern that puts its customer satisfaction as primordial in its objectives. To buttress this purpose, its present the following for everyone to be familiar with it really is and it sense of purpose (1). Agency Objectives (2) Philosophy and Commitment (3) Company History (4) Organizations and Management Structure.

Agency Objectives:

1. To maintain and improve profitability  through increased volume of business to ensure adequate growth and generate satisfactory retun on investment.

2. To produce results expected through effective use of resources and the soonest possible time.

3. To provide quality goods and services at the affordable prices and consistent with needs of the market.

4. To ensure clients satisfaction at all times on all products and services delivered.

5. To particiapte in community activities such as major civi, cultural, religous and welfare product.

6. To find candidates for increased responsibilities within our own organization to enable them to reliaze thier full capabilities.

 7. To maintain consistently salary levels and working conditionsequal to if not above the national standard.

 Philosophy and Commitment

Benevolent Security Agency, believes that its people consisting of its executive , rank and file and agents are it most valuable resources in our organization and regognizes  that its goal and objectives can be inplemented and attain though their effort and capabilities. For this reason, the company shall continously endeavor for a work environment wherein people can indivually develop themselves and perform in consoance with the company's objective. The basic principles underlyingg this commitment are embodied in the following: 

1. Maintain a fair and equitable rate of pay for services rendered. Reasonable employee benefits shall be given at regular intervals.

 2. Provide the employees a system of promotion and advancement to more responsible positions on the bases performance, competence and generally ability.

3. Observe all rule and regulations for the interest  and welfare of employees.

4. Uphold the dignity and importance of the individual as a member of the organizations.

5. Provide opportunities to employees for further training and development to enhance their skills.

6. No arbitrary separation shall be threaten an employee's tenure. If the company is compelled to layof workers on account of poor business or in cases of redundancy of jobs and / or personnel, seniority rights shall be respected, if the qualifications of the employees are relatively equal. 

7.Management shall communicate to employees interest to them and shall encourage suggestions from them that may redound to better employee-employee relations and effecient operations. Complaints, disputes or disagreement between the company and employees on one hand or between employees on the otter shall be duly thresed out by management for the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

8. Give preferential attention to the health , safety and welfare of the employees / standard working conditions shall be maintained.

9. Assure no discrimination due to sex,religion, politics and other legitimate affiliations.

10.Encourage open communication for all. Management shall inform emplooyees and encourage suggestions on matter affecting them in work setting.

BENEVOLENT SECURITY AGENCY ,is a sole proprietorship agency / entity , per DTI Certificate of registration no. 00351916 dated April 26,2004. It has been issued a License to operate [ License No. PSA-T-00124-2007 ] , in pursuant to section 6 of R.A. 5487 by the Philippine National Police [PNP] Camp Crme and a member of the Philippine Association of Detective & Protective Agency Operators [PADPAO], the national organization of all security agencies-operators in the country . BENEVOLENT promises to supply customer / client needs thorugh maximum quality and efficient services for a total guaranteed clients satisfaction. Its rooster of security guards are all smart and efficient and equipped with radio & communications , facilities , firearms and ammunitions , medica kit & first aid equpment , handcuffs and nights sticks , flashlights, or penlight  and other paraphernalia equipment as requested by the clients and or required by the security guard/s for the purpose. give us the opportunity to show what BENEVOLENT security can do for your company we will do it.......

 Services Offered:  

Benevolent Security Agency , is proud to offer the same quality of  service from which gained prominence , prestige and expertise on the following:

*Mall and Department Store Security   *  School Security  * Office and Building Security * V.I.P. Security

* Residential Security * Bank Security * Embassy Security * Plant Security *  Commercial Establishment Security

* Warehouse Security * Construction Security * Hospital Security * Village Security ........ etc....... 


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