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is in the business of advancing the use of safe and environment-friendly systems and materials to promote the protection and preservation of life and property through traffic excellence.

The company has developed White Gold Thermoplastic Roadmarking Paints as its pioneer brand of pavement marking paints. Modeled with exceptional value, products are manufactured abroad based on Philippines industry standards and inspired by the American and British standards.

Customers are assured of superior quality, competitively-priced material which exceeds specification requirements on a regular basis.

Rua Seguridad Corporation is operated by a team of professional and technical individuals with vast experience in the field of traffic engineering and road safety which operate mindful of customer value and company reputation at all times.

Investing in high-quality materials and top-professional services leads to a good investment for the road of the future.



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Tel. No: 920.8923

Mobile: 0917.542.2779 (Barry)




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