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Wind energy is a form of solar energy produced by uneven heating of the Earth's surface. Wind resources are best along coastlines, on hills, and in the northern states, but usable wind resources can be found in most areas. As a power source wind energy is less predictable than solar energy, but it is also typically available for more hours in a given day. Wind resources are influenced by terrain and other factors that make it much more site specific than solar energy. In hilly terrain, for example, you and your neighbor are likely to have the exact same solar resource. But you could have a much better wind resource than your neighbor because your property is on top of the hill or it has a better exposure to the prevailing wind direction. Conversely, if your property is in a gully or on the leeward side of the hill, your wind resource could be substantially lower. In this regard, wind energy must be considered more carefully than solar energy. Wind energy follows seasonal patterns that provide the best performance in the winter months and the lowest performance in the summer months. This is just the opposite of solar energy. For this reason wind and solar systems work well together in hybrid systems. These hybrid systems provide a more consistent year-round output than either wind-only or PV-only systems. One of the most active market segments for small wind powered electric generators manufacturers is PV-only system owners who are expanding their system with wind energy.