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         The perfection of beauty is not easy to achieve. It requires an inner desire and a significant amount of planning. It may be costly but it continues to be a more lasting investment in comparison to a make-over or a new hairstyle because of its long-term effects.

         The experts at the Belo Medical Group understand that perfect beauty varies of each individual. Belo’s medical team strives to give their utmost care and the best medical treatments to achieve satisfaction for their patients.

         The benefits reaped are more than just skin-deep. Dr. Belo’s passion for work revolves in helping a person regain or boost his/her confidence and self-esteem which result to more productivity because of renewed and uplifted self-image.

         This remains to be the heart and mindset of Dr. Belo and has generated throughout Belo Medical Group’s entire operations.


         Ideal beauty is the attractiveness best suited for an individual. This can be accomplished based not only on the meaning of being beautiful according to the current times, but also with the compatibility of this style to the person’s total make-up. Like fashion, the definition of attractiveness changes from time to time and adjusts from person to person.

         In Belo, consultation with the doctors is necessary before and after treatment or procedure. The Belo Medical Group offers a wide range or services with temporary or permanent effects.


         Dr. Belo acquired her world-class training and skills and unparalleled experience in Asia, the United States and Europe. She is dedicated to the continuous advancement of her knowledge and expertise in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery through constant research and participation in various conferences and seminars. She pioneers the introduction of the newest technologies in her field and invests in the training of her associate doctors. Dr. Belo is sought by international conventions of reputable associations to perform as a feature speaker on liposuction and on Asian skin.

         Although she has largely invested in equipment and machines, she has ensured that treatments and procedures available in the Belo Medical Centers are affordable. This has drawn people from different walks of life and all across the globe to seek her counsel and services.


         Dr. Belo‘s patients enjoy the great value in the services and treatments they receive from her clinics. The high quality and world-class results have created quite a stir outside the Philippines not only among fellow Filipinos, but with other foreign nationals as well.

         Dr. Belo’s specialized trainings were obtained in top medical institutions worldwide ensuring superior benefits to her clinics.

         The prices of Belo Medical Group’s procedures are mostly just a fraction of the cost of these same procedures done in the United States or Europe with similar, if not better, results.
Enhancing one’s beauty has never been so affordable and this good.
The time to do it is NOW.

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