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AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (APC), a manufacturing company in food and seasoning products,  is affiliated with the AJINOMOTO Group. The AJINOMOTO Group operates globally, with major subsidiaries and affiliates in 23 countries and regions and with 106 manufacturing plants in 15 countries and regions including Japan. The AJINOMOTO Group is collectively committed to safety and reliability and places importance on promoting “Food and Health” around the world through its innovative technologies derived from amino acids. 


There was a time when APC is associated almost exclusively with AJI-NO-MOTO Super Seasoning only.  Then starting in 1990’s, APC stated to produce other valuable products for the Filipino family. Today, APC is known as a total food company and now ranks as one of the top 250 corporations in the Philippines. This achievement is a result of the global strength of the Ajinomoto brand, relevant products of highest quality and the passion and commitment of dedicated employees all over the country.


APC’s sales network has grown over the years and it has continuously expanded its Region and Station.  These sales networks have helped make APC products available in most outlets nationwide --- from sari-sari stores to supermarkets and in different consumer and institutional package sizes.   APC also caters to an industrial market servicing the various industries with key raw materials such as amino acids for pharmaceuticals and feed use, nucleotides and other specialty chemicals imported from Japan and other affiliates and subsidiaries


History has been kind to APC so it is always with a humble heart that we acknowledge our beginnings.