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Vintage Car Club of the Philippines

The Vintage Car Club of the Philippines was organized in 1974.
A club devoted to the hobby of collecting and restoring Vintage Cars.
Vintage Cars are defined as automobiles 30 years old or older.
Collectible cars with historic or aesthetic value not yet 30 years old are considered special interest vehicles
and are also welcome to the club.
The Vintage Car Club is affiliated with the Automobile Association of the Philippines
and it is the official governing body recognized by the government concerning vintage cars in the Philippines.

        The objectives of the club is to promote the hobby of collecting, restoring, and displaying vintage cars, to develop friendship among enthusiasts of this hobby, to encourage and assist in the authenthic restoration and preservation of these vehicles, to arrange exhibits and other affairs where these vehicles can be seen by the public and members of the club, to make the public aware of this hobby and the historical significance and value of vintage cars.

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