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Saint Louis University Baguio Saint Louis University is regarded as one of the Philippines' respected and leading educational institutions that has grown with the demands of the current and future en
To provide quality secondary education that molds students to become valued and respected participants in building globally progressive society through committed educators, active community linkages,
Pinsao National High School was established as an independent institution in 2009 by virtue of Republic Act (R.A) 9843. Today it serves its mission and purspose to educate and inspire the youth in Bag
San Vicente National High School is an educational institution aiming to discover and develop the full potentials of its students residing in Baguio City.
The first secondary school in Baguio was the normal school in 1916 later called Baguio Trade School. Classes were held where Home Sweet Home now stands as this area and the present University of the P
If you are planning to visit "Baguio City" and looking for a place to stay-in like a house or just a room in a quiet, neat area? At Baguio City 3 units for transient, rent or long terms as the ff:1.
Our Music School We offer lessons in: Electric Keyboard Piano - Classical (the only Music School in Baguio City which offers lessons beyond Grade 8) - Pop, Blues, and Jazz Improvisation Guitar - Clas
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Our Recording Studio The first Digital Recording Studio in Baguio with state of the art recording equipment and with the highest resolution 24 bit 96 khz multi track & editing software. (UNLIMITE
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Clean Title -house and lot, near Baguio City, bungalow type, 2 rooms, 1 CR&bath, no road right of way-path way only. 3-5 min. near road. Good Investment for rentals since near schools and universities
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Fully Furnished unit 5mins drive to Burnham Park, very accessible to public transportation
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