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The Wedding Checklist
Things you need to do in planning your wedding

By Willeth Luarca - Laus

So you have decided to leave singlehood, and start a married life.  After you have announced the engagement to family and friends, it’s now time to lay down the things you will need for the big day.

A religious or church wedding normally requires a preparation period of six months. However, for huge or out-of-the church receptions such as a beach wedding, longer prep time is advised. Before you contact and meet suppliers, sit down first with your partner and discuss the following concerns:   


Do you want a formal, casual or themed wedding?  Do you like the ordinary peach and pink colors as motif or do you want to be a little creative? A friend of mine who recently got married chose a fairy-themed wedding: flower girls were dressed like fairies and the reception venue was decorated like a magical kingdom. To decide on the tone and motif of your wedding, talk about with your partner what would be more comfortable with both parties.


In setting a budget, review your finances first and ask these questions: how much have you saved? How much can you still save? If your parents are willing to help, ask how much they can contribute? Should your godparents-to-be expressed willingness to provide assistance, you may ask what things they’re willing to pay for. I personally advise to avoid applying for a loan. It is always good to stick to your budget; if you find it necessary to exceed, don’t go way too high.    


Some churches or temples, are booked a year in advance, so are some reception venues like hotels, restaurants or gardens. Reserve early to get the date and the venue you want. Nonetheless, it will be good, too to have back up dates.

After accomplishing the first steps, including church and legal requirements, you may now start to canvass for wedding suppliers:

Couturier and Designer
Choose a gown design that suits not only your figure but also your taste and mood. Some brides prefer a simple conservative design while others want it grandiose with beads and crystals.   Be vocal to your couturier about the design you want; be open to suggestions, too.     

If you want to get away from the usual printed designs, go for other alternatives: handcrafted, scrolls, magnet invites and more. Some couples hire a calligrapher for their invites while others make use of native materials such as sinamay instead of envelopes.      

Photographer and Videographer
Be sure to discuss with your chosen photographer and videographer the kind of shots you want. Do you want them more candid? Take time to see the photographer’s portfolio to have an idea of his style and approach.   

Depending on the mood and ambience you want, you can choose a soloist, string ensemble, saxophone artist, or chorale as musicians for your wedding.     

Cake Specialist   
Cake designs are getting more creative nowadays. Imagine a cake that depicts the glory of the Victorian era or the magic of fairies’ kingdom. Fairy tales come true in wedding cakes!   

Flowers make every wedding lovely. Consider the type of flower, the design and the arrangement. Wedding florists have their way of making awe-inspiring flower decorations, so shop first to see more options.

Hair & Make-up Artist
All brides deserve to be beautiful on her most special day. A good make- up artist can enhance every bride’s natural glow and aura. Look at the artist’s portfolio; try out make-up and hairstyles.

Wedding giveaways can be anything from chocolates to plant, crystal figurines, CD music collection, or novelty items. How about miniature flip-flops?

Bridal Car
Weddings can’t afford transport troubles. Hire a reputable rent-a-car company.

Honeymoon arrangement  
Book in advance, as well. And of course, enjoy!   

Don’t forget other important things…

  1. Wedding Rings (You might get too involved in the planning that you tend to forget the precious ring)
  2. Pillows for the ring and veil (although, these are usually included in the bridal gown package)
  3. Candles  & Arrhae
  4. Guest Book and Pen

Should you find the preparation too tedious, there are wedding planners & coordinators who can help you. Don’t hesitate to discuss with your wedding planner what you want, from the big task to the minutest detail. You can opt for a full wedding coordination service or just on-the-day coordination.  

Check out our WEDDINGS category, for comprehensive listings of wedding suppliers.


Issue: June 17, 2008
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