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Recluse and Recharge in an E.Rodriguez Apartelle
By Cora Llamas

Tri-Place Hotel and Apartelle was the best compromise that I could find in my desperate search for a quiet but comfortable hotel accommodation with all the amenities that I wanted but at a budget I could afford.  The keyword was “desperate.”  A single writer who was juggling multiple projects and jobs to meet family responsibilities, I had been feeling the pressure for a long time – the unyielding demand of deadlines, the feeling of crowdedness from loved ones who were already getting into my personal space,  the fatigue that accompanies my waking every moment – and I just wanted a place where I could crash and block out the rest of the world.

But used as I am to my creature comforts, I’d want that place to have cable TV, internet connection, a DVD player, room service (I don’t cook but  eat midnight dinners), housekeeping (I prefer coming home to a clean bedroom with beds that have already been made), and non-stop air-conditioning.

Since my workload didn’t allow me out of town leisure trips even on the weekends, I’d prefer a place near the malls where I could just jaunt to my favorite bookstore or movie house.  It would also have to be in close proximity to my places of work (I do have several).

The more prominent hotels in Makati and Ortigas did come to mind – but a month’s stay in even a boutique hotel would have cost twice my monthly salary.  Renting an apartment was not an option, as I was only planning a month-long sabbatical.

Tri-Place, a seemingly modest combination of hotel and apartelle in E. Rodriguez, was the answer to my prayers.  The location was perfect; it was close to the publishing company where I worked and was a stone’s throw away from the restaurants in Morato as well as the Trinoma in QC. So was the price. The De Luxe Room Single offered everything I was looking for – and half the price of what I would’ve paid a 4-star hotel. 

The first days were bliss.  The room was a comfortable nook, and the design of the interiors functional.  But as soon as I was in my own private domain, where the only sound came from the TV set, and the only communications that got through were in my e-mail, I could drop my cares and just breathe.  Time seemed to stop as I channel surfed through the late hours, and there were weekends when I would just sleep in.  If I didn’t feel like stepping out, food could be brought in until midnight (after which the kitchen closes).  They also had connections with an in-house masseur if my tired muscles wanted some pampering.

What also helped was the friendly staff who I believe could hold their own with their counterparts in the plushier hotels.  They were polite, courteous, eager to please, and intelligent.  They had the knack of anticipating what I wanted even before I asked, and were resourceful in responding despite the obviously limited resources. 

The only drawback was that it didn’t have a gym, but then again we can’t have everything.

I enjoyed it so much I extended my original 30-day stay to another month.  And finances willing, I’ll make a monthly stay in Tri-Place Quezon City Hotel and Apartelle a yearly sabbatical.

To contact Tri-Place Quezon City Hotel and Apartelle, click here.

Issue: Sept. 08, 2008
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