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GRETCHEN BARRETTOAnother love affair scandal?
By MJ Felipe

Gretchen Barretto is not Gretchen Barretto if she's not the talk of the town. Well, she's on the limelight once again headlining showbiz news on TV and print. After her controversial "kiss-scandal" with John Estrada, another scandal is going Gretchen Barretto's way, involving new personalities this time.

With just a few days after the John Estrada brouhaha, the controversial Gretchen Barretto was allegedly involved with another man by the name of Dody Puno, a businessman and the current director of one of the offices under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). But buzz about this underground affair only came to the pages of tabloids and spreadsheets just a few weeks back.

While everyone is still feasting over the Dody Puno rumor, here comes another controversy. Gretchen Barretto is now being linked to a man named Ricky Yabut, who happens to be Tony Boy Cojuangco's brother-in-law by the latter's ex-wife Denise. The two were wed and separated a long time ago, but their marriage has not been legally annulled.

According to rumors, Gretchen and Ricky were seen at Nuvo Bar in Greenbelt 2, two Sundays ago sharing some really intriguing moments together. We even heard that the two shared a kiss or two, not minding the people in the high-profile bar which would probably include socialites and other personalities who know both of them. Until the incident reached Ricky's ex-wife.

The next Sunday after the Nuvo incident, Gretchen Barretto was seen again, but this time with partner Tony Boy at Jinggoy Estrada's birthday party in Blue Leaf Gardens in Fort Bonifacio. Gretchen was greeted by all the press people present in the gathering and willingly answered all questions, unlike Tony Boy who sneaked out. Everyone was in good spirits that night, even Gretchen who had a great time on the dance floor with other guests. On the other hand, Tony Boy was seen talking to Cita (Ricky's ex-wife) and was heard to have been apologizing. The night ended with witnesses who claimed seeing Tony Boy quarreling with Gretchen.

Early this week, a mad word-war between Gretchen Barretto and Nadia Montenegro floated. Our source told us that Gretchen became furious after hearing rumors that it was Nadia who spread the news that “Gretchen Barretto is seeing another man, aside from Tony Boy.” Tongues wagged that Nadia knows a lot of things about Gretchen Barretto that the public does not know.

During her album’s press launch, Gretchen said that she'll no longer comment on what Nadia has supposedly said. She didn’t want this issue to get blown out of proportion, and that commenting further will fan the flames higher.

However, last Wednesday night, February 20, Nadia met with Gretchen to set things straight. Our sources said said that the two met with Nadia's husband Boy Asistio and Gretchen Barretto's partner Tony Boy. Ricky Yabut was also present. According to the text message sent by Nadia to TV host-columnist Ogie Diaz, the problem was finally settled; they also traced the source of the rumors. 

Gretchen's new album that is coming out at the same time at this turn of events could ride on publicity  and sell like pancakes. "Unexpected", Gretchen Barretto’s music album under Star Records,  is out now on record bars.

Will Nadia get a copy?

Gretchen Barretto’s showbiz life is full of controversies. The Gretchen Barretto-John Estrada kiss-scandal is still fresh in the minds of avid Pinoy showbiz followers. Gretchen’s feud with her sisters Claudine and Marjorie also had their “moment” in the news. Tell us what you think of these Gretchen controversies. Join our discussion on Gretchen Barretto here.      

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