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Healing Hands
By Romina Tobias

I’ve always enjoyed getting massages. It’s a treat for my overly stressed body that deserves a little bit of pampering now and then. It always meant trips to the spa which served as perfect venues for such luxurious indulgences.

Only recently have I learned that massages can be a form of medication or treatment for certain body complications, too. It can even replace surgeries in some cases. It’s true then what they say touch therapy heals. 

It’s called the Dorn Method (originally from Germany), practiced in the Philippines by husband and wife, Jay and Malou Sun. “My wife and I  learned the Dorn Method from a German national named Thomas Zudrell,” Mr. Sun shares. “He is an international lecturer for Dorn Method and four years back, my wife suffered from a slipped disc when she lifted a plastic bag full of books. She was then advised by her doctor to have a surgery. Fortunately, a friend recommended her to consult Thomas Zudrell who happened to be in the Philippines at that time. She had three sessions of Dorn Therapy and recovered afterwards. She decided to learn the Dorn Method from Thomas Zudrell and put up a therapy center. I then followed after three months.”

The Dorn Method is a gentle procedure for spine alignment and the patient almost feels no pain while the adjustment is in progress, and the therapists only use their fingers. The session takes more or less, an hour and a half, including the Breuss massage. It costs Php1, 500 per session.

Mr. Sun says, the Dorn Method can correct bad posture as well. “In addition to causing various health problems, bad posture can lead to an unattractive sway back stance, chronic back problems starting from stiff neck, rounded shoulders, scoliosis, lumbar pain, sciatica and various spinal problems. Bad posture can be the cause of so many back problems and is one thing that many people overlook in their search to find out the cause for their body pains and health issues. You might be thinking that your posture could be affecting your health in one or more ways, and you want to find out if there is something you can do for your health by improving your posture thru proper spinal alignment. So many people are under the impression that bad posture is genetic, or that since they have been standing the same way for a number of years, there is nothing they can do to change it. This is absolutely not true. It is a total myth that you can't do anything about bad posture. The Dorn Method therapy is one such way to improve your spinal alignment and is designed to improve your health and to free you from all types of back problems. It comes with a series of effective back and joint exercises that will help you change your posture, no matter what type of genetic background you have for the last 2 years or the last 20 years.”

I guess the best way to relax is to know that one’s body is healthy, with a straight back for that matter. Slouch no more and say goodbye to back pains with the Dorn Method.  

Know where to try the Dorn Method here.

Issue: Jan. 09, 2009
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