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Confessions of a Fussy Shopaholic
By Romina Tobias

Shopping requires certain skills. Time management, bargaining tactics, high-adrenaline footwork, and smart budgeting are just some of the basics… something for amateurs even. And over the years, I believe I’ve developed some sort of foolproof system that involves mastery of fashion boutiques (even those hole-in-the-wall shops), mental maps of malls in Metro Manila, and catalogs of merchandise that I know by heart. (Should I write a shopping guide for dummies then?)


A tip for you: target a clothing store that will have most or everything that you’ll need. Knowing exactly what you need beforehand will help, but rarely happens (pre-meditated shopping usually spoils the fun).  But if you’re looking for basic, classic pieces you can build your ensembles from, one fashion boutique in mind would be Kamiseta.

Its interiors alone will make you feel like you’re in your very own walk-in closet, ready to play dress up. This chic boutique houses your basic crisp white tees, light and flowy button-down blouses perfect for our hot weather, cardigans and jackets that cover the entire color palette (perfect to brighten up your work clothes), and mini dresses for an ultra-feminine flair. They’re a bit pricey though…a basic cotton blouse will run you at least 800 bucks while a jacket or dress is priced at almost a thousand a piece . Sometimes I think that a chunk of what we’re paying for just goes to the talent fees of their Hollywood endorsers…the likes of Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, and the most recent one, Petra Nemcova.  


What’s up with that by the way? With such a local name as Kamiseta, why not put a Filipina face out there? Deciphering their marketing strategies aside, one thing that fashion labels can’t take away from us is our ability to choose. And we’ll have a blast doing it!

Get that blouse or mini dress you’ve been yearning for. Click here for Kamiseta’s contact information.

Issue: Aug 20, 2008
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