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Posted by Hari ng Negros 2006 Pageant
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Friends and associates, the HARI NG NEGROS 2006 pageant is set on July 1st and they have a special award for Mr. Friendster. The winner of this award gets an automatic spot in the Top 10.

In this line, I am inviting all of you to kindly support Me, Mr. Jimalalud - Mark Xander Fabillar on my bid for the title. This is my 6th year in pageants and I'm hoping that this will be my last.

THE MECHANICS: The mechanics are simple. Simply add this special e-mail on your friends' list in Friendster:

One "friend" is equivalent to 1 point, and one "testimonial" is equivalent to 5 points. Also, please forward this message to all your friends so as to gather more points for me. The more friends and testimonials there are on that special account, the higher my chances of making it to the semifinals.

Thank you and always remember that you recieve a hundred times more than what you give.

God bless!