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The C-Network is a cancer advocacy campaign that aims to cultivate a holistic approach and more positive outlook on cancer, its treatment, cure, and prevention. It is an alliance of cancer-focused individuals and organizations that seeks to enhance the standards of care and education for cancer patients and their families in the Philippines.

 Aside from building a community of cancer advocates, the C-Network also aims to provide the Filipino community with knowledge, resources, and innovations that are focused on cancer cure and prevention and addresses the low level of cancer consciousness in the country.  

The C-Network maximizes the benefits of technology and the broad membership of cancer-focused groups to empower cancer patients and caregivers to be more proactive decision-makers in cancer care and control. Through its education and community-building initiatives, as well as the availability of modern treatment options, the C-Network will hopefully cultivate a new perspective on cancer among Filipinos, and in the long-term help eliminate cancer as a national health burden.


The primary components and functions of the C-Network are:

·        CARING (Cancer Action and Research Information Network Group)

o       Create a stronger relationship between patients and inspiring an open and proactive attitude through dissemination of information on cancer prevention, treatment, and cure

·        CURE (Cancer Understanding and Rewarding Engagements)

o       Foster closer relationships with the medical community as partners in cancer treatment

·        COMFORT (Community of Friends & Organizations Reaching out Together)

o       Create a community of involved individuals that will facilitate interaction and exchange of information between patients and the medical community


In the partnership with cancer-focused organizations to intensify awareness-building efforts for cancer, the C-Network has the following initiatives:

1)      Production and dissemination of cancer educational pamphlets in English and Filipino to provide baseline information on cancer, and its treatment and prevention.

2)      Free media lectures on cancer.

3)      Creation of the C-Network website that provides a rich information resource on various concerns surrounding cancer, including ways on how to positively cope with the disease for cancer patients and their families.

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