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Create Responsive Infants by Sharing (CRIBS) Philippines, Inc. Last login: 2008-04-09 10:27:34 AM

CRIBS (Create Responsive Infants By Sharing) serves as a temporary shelter for the abandoned, surrendered and neglected babies ages day-old to 3 years old. It is also a 24-hour residential treatment facility that provides a nurturing and therapeutic environment for the healing and recovery of sexually abused female minors aged 7 to 17 years old. show all

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"At around seven in the morning, two deliverymen saw a baby inside a passenger jeep. Abandoned and helpless; hungry and dirty, wrapped in a soiled white cloth, the child had its umbilical cord c
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At the age of nine, I lost my mother and was raped by my father. At the age of nine, I knew that my older sister was also raped by my father and another sister was raped by my uncle. At the age of ni