Off-Location PreNuptial Photo & Video for Overseas Couple/Bride

  • Family Affair Event Specialist FAES Malolos Bulacan Weddings ( Post Date: 2009-07-17 )

    Why spend your 100k in just your photo & video alone?When you can save your hard-earned precious money on other things?Fool-proof,professional fotos minus the hefty price tag!We have the hottest, young, talented team of photo & video expertsto handle your project

    BULACAN-wide operations 
    May your worries be less and blessings be more and nothing but happiness comes to your door. 


    Design, for us, sums who we are. Everything about us—what we believe, what we do and how we live. And our craft: effortless, natural & spontaneous while still fun & uplifting. It’s putting little things together to create an exciting whole.


    Shining moments that go beyond the ceremony

    Fall in love all over again

    Savor the rituals. You look forward to this day.

    We’ve Got You Covered: Your Love

    Our Photos & Videos That Last a Lifetime


    Top Team: Avant Garde Visual Artists 

    who Perfected the Fine Art of TeamWork,

    One of the Busiest of this Generation,

    Fueled by Passion, renders the most visually-arresting shots

    Can’t Wait for Their Next Shoot!


    Natural High, perfectly expressing their emotions

    Caught on Cam: Your Real Life on Reel

    Lights, Camera…Action!


    FADE IN. Church. Present Day. 4pm before sunset

    The Look of Love

    The Couple: a perfect pair, constant companions

    The Scene: relaxed duo in their most playful, romantic selves, showing their true colors, exchanging meaningful glances, sharing good times together

    Our Cameras: perfectly covers all these, it’s just between the two of you

    Your Albums: seamless start, fabulous finishes, spectacular shots

    The Match Maker: FAES team in color-coordinated black ensemble

    An Affair with Art and a Glowing Goddess

    Our style:volatile and varied, understated attention-grabbing cool.

    constantly experimenting, exploring and evolving.New ideas, fresh each time.

    Shot pabor sa couple. Dissolves. In bliss, Enroute to couple-andia camera rolls out..

    At FAES, the personality of the couple rules—their real-life uniqueness is captured in reel. With an eye for the extraordinary, FAES  houses a formidable collection of albums documenting the many loves and lives we’ve touched.

    Girly, trendy, sporty or classic—we’ll produce

    Photos and videos that reflects who you really are

    Talk, laugh, cry, scream—it’s your day!


    FAEStransforms raw footages into stunningAVPs 

    with compelling, natural stories.

    High definition photography, an eye for detail & impact,

    to capture thossplit-secondmoments of your life.


    Family Affair Events Specialist has been a favorite of families and the business community for all their events needs. Hence, the name Family Affair. We hope, like them, you will be soon our regular customer too. Come see us, meet us. May we enjoy more years together!


    Please look for Your Relationship Officer:

    I’m be glad to help you with all your 

    when-to-prepare, what-to-buy & where to-go questions.

    Ms. Liza Santos

    Team FAES:Events▪ Planners▪ Consultants

    Making Remarkable Events

    email: faes_liza@yahoo.commobile: 0909.790.5580FOR FASTER INQUIRIES:Pls. indicate the following information:Date of event:?Location/Venue:?Type of event: wedding?debut?kiddie?corporate?Number of guests: minimum is 100paxProfessional Trainings:
    Philippine Association of Wedding Planners Wedding Beautiful Worldwide

    Weddings@Work  Malolos Tourism Council


    Events Planning, Management & Production

    Essen Bldg., 176 Paseo de Congreso, Liang City of Malolos |

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