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Coordination Services

“The Complete Wedding Quilt” – the Comprehensive Coordination Package – Quilted Events handles everything concerning your wedding plans from day _disibledevent="#000000">help you source out all the suppliers you’ll need and see to it that you get the best deals. We will be there seeing your wedding through making sure things will run smoothly so you can enjoy
your wedding.

“Styling Your Quilt” – Turn Over Coordination – since you are half way through the preparations and have sourced and booked the major suppliers and items like the church and reception venues, your couturier, your honeymoon travel reservations and the like but would need assistance in canvassing for additional suppliers, following up, drafting of contracts, and basically ensuring that everything is well. Quilted Events will make sure that everything will be properly implemented on your wedding day.

“The Wedding Quilt” – One Day Coordination – this entails the handling of wedding details for you on the wedding day itself. We will make sure that you and your guests feel at ease and relaxed on that special day. All necessary details of the wedding will be prepared and set so that you can just enjoy the limelight.

“Designing Your Quilt” – the Consultation Package – if you want to go hands on in your wedding, this is the plan for you. We will provide you with the tools and know how you need in order to carry out and complete your dream wedding.