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We at THE HAPPY CATERER are dedicated in providing our clients with excellent culinary creations and remarkable service. With menu options ranging from 250/pax to 650/pax, well make sure that we'll reach your budget! Make your EVENT even more special with our exceptional add-ons such us our desserts bar, coffee service, soup and bread service and so much more! so for that special day,  It Could Only Be.......... THE HAPPY CATERER EVENTS CATERING SERVICES!

~ Soup ~
Roasted Pumpkin / Chicken,Potato & Leek Soup/ Cream of Wild Mushrooms/ Ocean Chowder

~ Salad ~
Tossed Greens & Vegetable salad with Caesar Dressing / Macaroni, Shrimp and Mixed fruits salad /Hawaiian Apple & Potato Salad/ Potato salad with smoked salmon and capers

~ Main ~
Chicken : Spanish Chorizo Infused Roasted Chicken/ Char grilled Chicken bbq in Java or Teriyaki  Sauce/Baked chicken with wild mushroom cream sauce/Pastel de Pollo / Curry Roasted Chicken /  Fried Maple Chicken Tenders with gravy / Rosemary Roast Chicken / Chicken Cordon Bleu

Pork : Roasted pork with Marsala sauce/  Sweet soy Glazed Grilled Porkchops/ Chinese Spareribs Asado/ Herbed Pork Chops with caramelized apples /Roasted Porkloin with mushroom gravy/ Crispy pork  cutlets with hoisin sauce/ Sweet and sour pork strips/ Italian Pork Melt

Beef: Beef con champignon/ Beef Salpicao / Roast Beef  Slices with pan gravy / Korean Beef Stew / Lengua ala pastel / Italian Meat Balls/ Mediterranean beef Skewers

Fish & Seafoods : Crispy Cream Dory Fish Fillet/ Baked Fish with mushroom parlsey cream sauce/  Crispy Calamares / Pan Seared Tuna with lemon butter sauce/  Tuna and Mushroom Salpicao/ Grilled Tanigue with sweet soy or teriyaki glaze

Pasta : Spaghetti/Fettuccine or Penne with : Creamy carbonara, Garlic Sausage & Basil, Puttanesca, Creamy Pesto , Classic pesto, Herbed Tomato Confit

Vegetables: Eggplant Moussaka, Glazed Root Vegetables, Grilled Vegetables with balsamic vinaigrette, Garlic buttered mixed vegetables, Buttered Corn and Carrots,  Chinese stir fried vegetables

~ Dessert ~
Creamy Fruit Salad, Buko Pandan Delight, Crème Brulee, Pannacota
(Vanilla, Choco, or strawberry), Mango Jello with pearls

~ Starch ~
 Pandan Infused Rice & Fried Rice or Mashed Potatoes

  • Round tables for ten w/ white linen covers
  • Buffet table w/ skirting & fresh floral centerpiece
  • Colorful motif tablecloth & chair ribbon
  • Gift table w/ skirting and decors
  • Cake table w/ skirting and decors
  • Beautiful flower & candle centerpiece for every table
  • Carving station for lechon or roast beef
  • Extra chaffing dish (no extra charge)
  • Chairs w/ white covers and decorative back covers
  • White table napkins
  • Complete dinning utensils and buffet set-up
  • Beverage Bar
  • Bottomless distilled drinking water & ice
  • Bottomless drinks (choice of iced tea or softdrinks)
  • Skilled waiters in uniform and service staff

The  employees are the back bone of the company, providing them great food
will definitely result to great performance at work!

For only P50 per person, each employee can enjoy a meal complete with
1 viand, 1 vegetable side dish, 1 rice, and a dessert!

Plus, for only P80 per person, your managers and supervisors can enjoy their own specially prepared meals that come with 2 viands, 1 vegetable side dish, 1 rice, and a dessert!

So go on, reward them for their hard work!
The Happy Caterer Employees Meal Delivery service

Contact Details:
ADDRESS: # 62 Dumandan  St., Santolan, Pasig City
CELLPHONE NUMBERS:  0915-983926 / 0922-8293423
TELEPHONE/FAX: (02) 6464483 

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Contact Information
62 Dumandan St., Santolan, Pasig City
62 Dumandan St., Santolan, Pasig City
62 Dumandan St., Santolan, Pasig City