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The spa's setting is uniquely charming, designed to resemble an 18th century Tokugawa Japanese village with its own thundering waterfalls, creek, and fog-like mist. Open your skin's pores and float away your cares in a soothing hot spring; rejuvenate your body in a stimulating mineral bath; and enjoy a vigorous hydro-massage in the main waterfall basin.

Then move on to a dry-heat sauna to sweat out the toxins, and from there to your choice of classic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, or body scrub.

Built with the same flair, subdued  elegance, and attention to detail as the resort; itself, Mogambo Springs will charm and delight your spirit even as your body enjoys a spa treatment comparable to the best anywhere!

Relax, unwind, and smooth away your stress, worries, aches, and pains.


- Hot pool with jacuzzi jets 

- Thalassic pool 

- Cascading massage waterfalls 

- Needle shower nook 

- Dry Sauna

A pioneer in marine cosmetics
GALVANIC SPA (30mins.) Php    900
Turn back time with the worlds’s smallest wrinkle iron. Diminishes lines in 15 minutes as it rejuvinates skin. 6 sessions recommended for better results.
EYE CONTOUR TREATMENT (30mins.) Php 1,100
A complete treatment for the eye contour area to refresh, decongest and bring a youthful appearance to tired eyes.
GENTLEMAN'S FACIAL (1hr) Php 2,500
Rest assured, this treatment will deeply cleanse, moisturize, and soothe your skin. Take years off your look with the energizing facial masque and feel revived, relaxed, and ready to conquer the challenges of the day.
BODY WRAP (1hr)Php 2,800
* Dead Sea Mud Wrap
Extracted from the mineral-rich Dead Sea, which provides natural source of therapeutic and beautifying properties. Leaves the skin revitalized, refreshed, and invigorated
* Cooling Cucumber Wrap
Refresh and re-hydrate your skin and face with our all natural cucumber concoction. Make it the highlight of a long, hard day under the sun. Ideal for sunburnt skin.
For SENSITIVE SKIN (1hr) Php 3,200
Its soothing and desensitizing effect on the face is ideal for sensitive skin. Improves micro-circulation and diminishes blotches. Provides a profound sense of relaxation, together with a neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage.
DEEP DOWN CLEAN (1hr 20mins.) Php 3,300
This treatment will deeply cleanse, regulate sebaceous glands, reduce shine, and refine pores. Perfectly paired with our soothing neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage. Highly recommended for oily skin.
SMOOTH AS SILK (1hr 30mins.) Php 3,800
Formulated to make you look as young as you feel! Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with a relaxing neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage to wipe away all your stress!
POOL MASSAGE (15mins.)
Php    600
Stimulates your head, shoulders, arms, and hands to complete your water relaxation therapy.
Php    900
Just settle down in our massage chair and we will do the rest.
Php 1,000
Choose from Japanese Shiatsu (energizing), Swedish (relaxing), or a combination, and Fusion (rejuvenating). Add P400 for an Aromatherapy Body Massage
Php 1,300
Pure pleasure for your feet-soothing, relaxing, caressing. Will make you feel pampered and peaceful.
Php 1,300
Experience a sense of well being and rejuvenation as you relax on a comfortable chair while your body detoxifies through your feet.
Php 1,500
To be honest, this massage is intended to be painful. It stimulates nerve endings on your feet to promote overall wellness. Try it and see whether it works for you.
Php 2,000
Stimulates your head, shoulders, arms, and hands to complete your water relaxation therapy.
Php 2,500
Enhance your overall health with this holistic manual therapy. Gentle on the joints and vertebrae, it may help relieve many forms of physical discomfort from stiffness, back and neck aches, pelvic and other lower-body pains, and general stress. Plantation Bay is the first hotel in Asia to offer this new German healing method.
Php 3,000
Traditional massage of Thailand, influenced by Chinese and Indian healing arts, that involves a combination of stretching and gentle rocking, and uses range of motions and accupressure techniques. The massage is oil-free, and performed on a traditional Thai mattress on the floor. Loose pajamas are worn.
HILOT (1hr 30mins.)
Php 3,000
Traditional Filipino Massage
A deep tissue massage that uses fast long strokes, freeing your energy channels from blockages.Complemented with herbal compress made from more than 10 different organically grown herbs.

      Open daily from 10am to 11pm. For added privacy, we can arrange massage treatments inside your room.

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