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Our Services:

·         Proper Screening of applicants

·         Personalized assistance in the completion of requirements

·         Proper documentations

·         Complete briefing on:

              a. Terms and conditions of the agencies here and abroad

              b. Detailed procedures on deployment (Pre-departure briefing and orientation)

              c. Detailed procedures on arrival abroad, post employment

·         Proper training of workers on:

              a. Babysitting

              b. Use of household appliances

              c. General household works, marketing and cooking

              d. First Aid

·         Trade test for skilled workers

·         Regular follow-ups when the workers are deployed to ensure they overcome homesickness

·         Assistance of our overseas counterparts until they get adjusted to their new environment

·         Accommodating the workers find another job in case they finished their contracts

·         Accommodating provincial applicants by providing them free lodging in Manila

·         Friendly dealings with the applicants

·         Counseling

·         Ticketing

·         Visa assistance 

Our Objectives:


·         To continue serving Filipino workers by helping them find better jobs

·         To help uplift Filipino workers way of life and standard of living

·         To contribute to the country’s economy by way of dollar remittance

·         To help develop better working relationship between employers and workers

·         To build up good business relationship and friendship among clients

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