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At CreatiVideos Rental we believe that our video camera rental selection are a great place to start for you feature school or documentary project. We are a new video camera rental company in the Makati City metropolitan area. We might have been born yesterday, but when it comes to video camera rental, we studied all night.

We believe that we have found the secret to making the rent a video camera process easier. We under stand that for many of you video is the jump off point for your career until you can afford to rent a 35 mm camera. We also know that you that five out of ten time times your budget will be extremely low and that is what brings up the notion of finding cameras for rent that come within your budget.

That's why at camera for rent we are keeping our prices on video camera rentals extremely competitive. For example, if you rent a Panasonic video camera for three days we will give you a forth, non-consecutive, video camera rental day, free, based on availability.

At CVR we are under new management for our camera rental deparment and we're experimenting with new and untried ways of operating with the public. We believe this is great news. What makes this great? It’s simple! We want your video camera rental business and all of our competitors! Get the point!!

When you need to rent video cameras to get ready for an event fast and it’s the last minute you can give us a shout and we will pull together a video camera package that you can rent as fast as we can to get your Manila shoot of the ground.

We are expanding our video camera inventory weekly! We’re adding many more supporting items such as more lighting kits. We rea|ize that many of you have already purchased your digital video cameras and have discovered that sure its great to have the camera but you need a whole lot more to make it really happen!