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The Home of Lemon06 & Slick Lizard Sweaters

Choose from over 200 Best Breed Gamefowls available! Gamefowl bloodlines
are the following: Lemon06, Slick Lizard Sweater, Berdugo Blacks, Kelso, Bingham Gold & White Gold

For your breeding material needs. We ship gamefowls local airport to airport only.
Please call us to quote for shipment details since shipment price may vary from time to time.

Lemon06 is a combination of a regular lemon, claret & hatch.
This is our pride in our farm, we breed them since 2006 that’s where we got
its name and won lots of fights from them in the bigtime derbies.
Stags (Php 6,000.00)   Bullstags (Php 7,000.00)   Cocks (Php 8,000.00)
           Pullets (Php 5,000.00)   Hens (Php 6,000.00)   (Discounts on purchase of 3 and above)

Our Slick Lizard Sweater trio bought directly from the farm of
Mr. Jason Campbell of Alabama, U.S.A. We use 8 of this line in the 2
007 CVBA stag derby in Talisay Sports complex. T
heir result 7Wins & 1draw. We were the 1st runner-up CVBA breeder of the year 2007.

Stags (Php 6,000.00)   Bullstags (Php 7,000.00)   Cocks (Php 8,000.00)
Pullets (Php 5,000.00)   Hens (Php 6,000.00)   (Discounts on purchase of 3 and above.)


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Cebu City, Philippines 6000
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