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Greetings! My purpose in writing this letter is to welcome and familiarize you with our product. Allow me to introduce SpongeHub Dishwashing Liquid and SpongeHub Fabric Conditioner.  SpongehHub Dishwashing Liquid contains anti-grease  and anti-bac that will help you maintain cleanliness in your utensils and save in the cost of your dishwashing liquid as well. Guaranteed more effective than any other home made products.We also offer scentless and colorless with more Anti-bac for Mineral Water Stations. This is per order only. Text me 2 days before pick-up / delivery / shipment.Scents Available : Kalamansi, Lemon and Bubble Gum.

 1L1gal (3.75L)5gal (18.75L)
Dishwashing LiquidP45.00 P150.00P800.00



While SpongeHub Fabric Conditioner makes your clothes soft and easy to iron. It has a long lasting fragrance that makes fabrics smell fresh all the time.
Scents Available : Downy, Vernel and Comfort.

Laundry Products500gms1 kilo1 sack (25kls)
Powder Detergent High Grade (Ariel and Tide Scent)P35.00P60.00P1,275.00
Powder Detergent PremiumP30.00P55.00P1,125.00
Detergent Powder All Purpose (Surf scent)P25.00P50.00P1,000.00
 1L                       1gal      (3.75L)5gal                  (18.75L)
Fabric Conditioner (Downy, Comfort & Vernel Scent)P65.00P240.00P850.00
Finishing Spray P550.00 (to be diluted in 4gal of water)--

 Be our regular customer and choose 1 of these freebies (minimum order of P2,000) : (a) 1L of Fabric Conditioner; (b) 2kls of Detergent Powder; (c) 2L Dishwashing Liquid; (d) 1L Anti-Bac. Or avail 5% Discount for every purchase of P5,000. Free delivery in Makati,Las Piñas and Bacoor area.Looking forward to have business with you. Thanks,Cha GeronimoMobile # : +639 17 6044996 / +639 05 3533413 / +639 22 6006266 / 8166501 loc 6483 / (046) 540 8200